Ahteran İstanbul | Gül İnşaat - Hakkımızda

We worked for half an era to add value and sophistication to our country

Since 1980, to make life more beautiful, within strong capabilities, we, as Gul Construction, have left a footprint in this field by building more than 3,142,000 square meters to be suitable for high-end luxury housing and delivering more than 20,000 apartments, including, Historia, Metroport, Capcity, Belkan Mall, Perelfista, flyin, and the development of more than 7 mega shopping centers, have become suited to luxury and operate them to this day.

We, as a construction company, in the European section of VB Kant we have located Vista 1-2-3-4, Vista Konoklar, Costa Residence, Hilal Konoklar, Copset Park Residence, Alto Casa Residence, Kavakli Konutlar, Cali Kant and Avenue. Finally, we are building the Ahteran Istanbul project, which will give more importance to the region.

Our Mission

Our construction work is not limited to "concrete, iron and cement". Our main mission is to make life more livable and provide high quality accommodation for families in Istanbul.

Our Vision

Gul Construction has been working with this belief for 40 years and producing projects in which people live and work with pleasure. Gul Construction has become a piece of Turkey, not just a piece in the field of construction.

Our Values

Our strong architectural identity, implementation of large projects for the living standards our people deserve, maximum customer satisfaction to build transformative relationships for our clients, lasting friendship with principles, production, marketing, sales, delivery and all commitments from providing friendliness to our trusted clients is to provide professional service.